Tax Advisor Ing. Daniel Kunc



Taxes belong to our life. They inseparably belong to any economic activity. Therefore it is vital to remember taxes when making every important economic decision.

  • Do you consider a new business transaction?
  • Do you consider a new investment? 
  • Do you intend to enter into a new type of business agreement?
  • Are you in doubt whether you comply with the requirements of the tax law?
  • Are you liable to file a tax return?
  • Has the tax office started a tax audit and you would like to utilize all your rights?
  • Do you look for possibilities of the optimisation of your tax liabilities?

I can help you with the tax matters connected with all the above mentioned circumstances.

Why to engage me as an advisor

  • Experience – I will utilise my long term experience in the area of taxes and accounting for the benefit of yours, 
  • Specialization and comprehensiveness – I specialize in corporate income tax law, however, I am capable to deal with a problem in its all tax aspects, in cooperation with experts in the very specific area if necessary, 
  • Responsible and honest attitude – I believe that an excellent performance is the absolute condition of a successful cooperation between an advisor and his client,
  • Risk avoidance – the tax law is rather complicated and there are a lot of tax risks connected with its application, it is important to recognise real tax risks and to adopt appropriate measures in time.