I provide tax advisory services in the area of the both direct and indirect taxes, naturally the international aspects are always considered.

Within the scope of the tax advisory especially the following services are provided:

  • Ongoing tax advisory with respect to specific questions of the client, namely by means of the phone, e-mail or preparation of a written analysis.
  • Analysis of specific transactions – for example when entering new business contracts, on the occasions of the acquisition or sale of the real estate, when considering the financing of the corporation etc.
  • Tax planning – structuring of the activities from the points of view of the legal form, placement and timing, the analysis of the available tax optimisation scenarios. 
  • Tax Due Diligence – review of the tax risks of the entity being in the focus of attention.
  • Preparation or review of tax returns – corporate or individual income tax returns, further also value added tax, road tax or real estate tax returns.
  • Representation of the client within the tax procedure – namely in the course of tax audits, on-site investigations, or when filing appeals or other legal remedies against tax authority’s decisions.
  • Tax reporting - preparation of reports on tax calculations for accounting needs  the purpose of which is to ensure accuracy and documentation of the accounting for taxes, reporting according to accounting standards IFRS (IAS 12) and US GAAP (FASB 109, FIN48), software TaxStream, TTI, Excel.
  • Deferred tax - preparation or review of the deferred tax calculations.
  • Holding of seminars on the taxation.
  • Liquidation of companies.